Sunday, February 7, 2010

Reflection on this weekend

What a wonderful weekend. I must say I am exhausted from just grinding with all the help this year...from the City Of Portland, On Point Bank, Oregon Zulu Nation, individual donors and much more. This could not have been a success without you. The Creator uses us to help others and if I can be the vessel in the world to shed light on a tragic event then thank God that I am willing to have the energy to do it each and every year.

One of my highlights was seeing one of my former students who was Davonte's classmate participate in the Emcee contest. When I saw him it warmed my heart to know that he was still doing his thing in school and performing music like he always wanted to do. As I watched him I visualized Davonte and how much he would have enjoyed this event. So my heart goes to all those who participated and I pray that we continue to give opportunities to our Youth each year!

Peace and Blessings!


Ariyan said...

Peace and Blessings unto you Queen for putting in work. it was truly an incredible and impactful experience for me and I can see that a tremendous amount of light was shined down on the People. We must unify on that same or higher level everytime we connect.

One love. Keep it Lively.


Chaz said...

Just want to let you know that my students from Helensview really had a good time and appreciated the chance to perform and see their peers perform. They were all very inspired by seeing the other groups from the community get up there and do their original music, and Grim has been great about keeping us in the loop as far as what else is going on in the community. We weren't really aware of how far this event reached or what it was was a good learning experience, and hopefully next year more of our students will be able to attend the workshops.
We would love to have you come by the school to visit the studio, Ms. Muhammad...look out for our album coming out Spring 2010.
Chaz Mortimer
Phoenix Studio - Helensview School
Portland, OR
ps Eddie really had a nice time reconnecting with you...

Imani Muhammad said...

CHAZ please email me
I want to visit the school and let me know when a good time to come and check out the school.

Chaz said...

Ok...just saw your message...will get in contact soon.