Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Full List of Workshops for 2012 Summit

'Mis-Education of Our Youth'
February 11, 2012 Portland State University 2nd Floor Smith Hall 11am Registration begins

Youth Workshops:

Desmond Spann- Emcee Mind Freestyling
If you have ever wanted to learn the art of freestyling, pubic speaking, or confidence this workshop will expose participants to the opportunity to learn these skills. The instructor will deal with fear through the fun experience of freestyling (improvised rap). This fear blocks youth from discovering who they are, educating themselves, and stops them from believing in themselves. This workshop is designed to show ways to deal with fears through the art of freestyling.

Elijah Hasan- Creative Media
This workshop will get young people thinking about media influences and how they are being delivered as a starting place for the Media Literacy conversation. Participants will be inspired and exposed to fresh and creative approaches to creating and sharing media. The current system of education (mis-education) here in the United States produces and prepares it’s subjects for life as a consumer. The less aware of the messages being communicated and the means by which they are carried the more subjected an individual will be to the designer’s intent.

*Jasiri X- How To Succeed in Hip-Hop Without Selling Your Soul PT2
Participants will learn how to navigate the music business without having to compromise their integrity. The presenter has learned how to maneuver and to be successful in the music industry and will provide tools and examples of how he has been successful. Come learn how to gain National and International success, without a major label or industry cosign. Participants will also learn the importance of artists being active in their local communities and how it will help them establish their base.

Joshua Dudley- Graffiti, Art and Freedom-
What is Art? Come explore your definition of art and how using art as a tool can assist in freeing the mind and allowing unlimited imagination. Participants will engage in free draw and participate in a group discussion and learn how to draw graffiti. Art is something that is not taught on a consistent basis in school. This workshop will allow the participants to recognize art in their surroundings bus, cars, desk, food, clothes etc. The workshop will open the youth’s mind to an experience that will leave a lasting impact after they leave the Summit opposed to accelerating its demise. Youth will look at the facts and examine the future.

Kaon-Jabbar East- History Of African Martial Arts
This workshop will break down the origin of Martial Arts and the connection of this art to the 5 elements of Hip Hop. Martial Arts is a movement art and similar to break dancing the individual learns the anatomy of how the body moves through self-defense techniques as well as various styles of exercise which serves a dual purpose. Exercise and self-defense are healthy forms of movement and each participant will learn techniques and movements while learning the origin of Martial Arts and its connection to the African Diaspora.

Madgesdiq- Who Are You? (Discovering Yourself Thru the Power of Writing)
Are you a writer? Do you have thoughts that no one else knows? This workshop will focus on the use of writing as a tool/means of discovering self. The presenter desires to create a space/place of meditation; where the world slows down, and time stands still, where barriers are lifted, where dreams are manifested, autobiographies are written, things/life placed in perspective, beginning to see life for what it is. The intent of the workshop is to inspire the youth to take a closer look at themselves as well as the world and circumstances in which we live to create.

Solamon Ibe- Health Relationships with the opposite sex
With the intense media influence on youth this workshop will expose the effects of media and provide skills and new ways to look at relationships especially with the opposite sex. What does it mean to have a healthy relationship? How do gender roles and societal norms affect our relationships? Participants will learn how to identify a healthy or unhealthy relationship and become more proactive in their environment and social circle.

William X- The Causes of Youth Violence
This workshop will acknowledge the epidemic of youth violence in American and especially in Portland, Oregon. The presenters realize there is a mis-education of who an enemy is for youth and how to handle an enemy. Rather than looking at a person as an enemy this workshop will allow the youth to identify the thought process of an enemy and get them to think outside of skin color, gender, or class which blocks youth from loving themselves. True self-love and identity will be presented and demonstrated throughout this workshop. At the end of the workshop the participants will understand how to see their peers as a brother or sister and learn the skills to eliminate violence in their community.

* Keynote Address

Parent Workshops

Betty Harris- MST, BS, CDPT Bullying in our community and schools
Join us in our workshop that will define the act of bullying, and provide ways in which you can play a part to eradicate this negative behavior. The workshop intends to give a hands on personal experience in resolving issues facing your community. Come join us in this exciting event at the Youth Summit, with workshop host Betty Harris, B.S.MST who has educated youth for over 20 years in Oregon and Washington.

Jay Klusky Ph. D-New Skills for a New Time
The focus of this workshop is to deliver to parents the skills our youth need to develop if they are to be successful; skills they will rarely be exposed to in our traditional system of education. Participants will be shown how to use a tool to help their families strengthen their self-esteem and self-discipline.

Mic Crenshaw- The Future Is Up To Us
A dynamic workshop that will force participants to delve deeper into the current climate and societal effects that involve them everyday. We, as a race and civilization are in the midst of a global economic crisis. The root of this economic crisis is the system of capitalism and exploitation that has shaped history and the reality we live in on earth. The consequences of this system on the resources and life that support it and its effect on every level of existence ecologically, politically, spiritually. To understand our role in the system is to begin to shape our potential in a response that sustains life as

Mariotta Gary-Smith & Linda Hornbuckle- Let’s talk about sex-
Do you have a difficult time discussing sex with your children? Don’t worry most parents do, however this workshop intends to provide you with the tools to make this conversation easier for you and your child. We will discuss common mistakes or missteps, where to go to learn that facts, and where to go and how to ask for help.

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